Strategic Web

All too often, websites are used to dump PDFs and Powerpoints or to cryogenize words for the benefit of future generations. Websites are like any other communication tools – good for some things, not good for everything.

We have over 15 years experience in website design and management. We can provide advice on the whole lifecycle of a microsite. We can also manage global educational portals for the UN, and everything in between.

We use website strategy, technology and design to enable clients to make rapid, substantial improvements to the performance and presence of their organizations. Our structure allows us to rapidly deploy a design and launch team together with considerable workforce for data entry, e.g. when multilingual websites must be created.

Mapping your business objectives to changes in technology requires in depth knowledge, continuous education, fresh thinking, reliable presence, continuous dialogue and solid execution.

We provide an unique combination of project management consultants available on site in Geneva, New York, Dakar and other locations together with and UEX/IA expertise and development centers for rapid team deployment to help you with content management or multimedia content production as soon as you need it and only when you need it.

Our team is enthusiastic about all things online. Finding fresh online solutions to business problems and new ways for clients to profit from their online investments is the norm. Website marketing and long-term relevance is always part of the landscape, as are social media.

We offer a full range of CMS that can reduce the cost of controlling any type of websites, portals and information systems. We provide ready to use solutions, customization and CMS integration, all in order to enable you to manage your content in superior ways.

If you are a nonprofit seeking assistance please contact us as we may have some common interest.

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