Editorial & Translation

Writing and Rewriting
Written communication is full of challenges at times when organizations and businesses are required to be sharper and more to-the-point-please than ever.

Verbosity, diversity in formats and consistency, different levels of litteracy or language makes it difficult to collate different sources and end up with elegant, precise yet striking documents.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of written communication (print and screen), including, for example, processing workshop presentations and speeches into reports and synthesis notes, as well as in a CD-ROM or microsite.

Our layout team can create layouts or insert translated texts in an existing canvas, working on any software, primarily Adobe Creative Suite, and develop infography.

We also have photo databases for illustration purposes and/or can send photographs anywhere in the world to illustrate a publication. Photo and video production for web distribution can be arranged anywhere in the world.

Our extensive network of translators have professional UN-level command of French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian and extensive experience in official documents of the United Nations (resolutions, reports, treaty-related SG correspondence, country reports, desktop studies, scientific media material, etc). Some are specialized in environmental issues at the global level . Our flexible structure has constantly allowed us to meet the most improbable of deadlines in the past. Please contact us for a quote within your budget constraints.

Our revisers have all UN experience and many have been through different competitive processes organized by the UN. They have a strong insight into terminology, style and consistency questions and ensure the highest level of quality.

Computer-Assisted Translation
CAT refers to systems that store an organization’s memory (terminology, past documents, reference documents, etc). It is NOT an automated translation system.

CAT aims at helping organizations enhance translation practices, management and workflow. By introducing a new working environment based on a language technology solution in two steps

Our priority is to help our clients reaching maximum style and terminology consistency among their printed, electronic and digital publications (which is the first-glance view of a more global consistency achieved through knowledge management) as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of the translation services output.

From our experience, by adopting computer-assisted translation tools, our clients have recorded budget saving of up to 30% of their translations budget.
If no computer assisted translation technology usage has been implemented so far, Upwelling can provide expert advice on which provider could best meet your organization’s needs.We will then assist you in the tool integration within your translation workflow.

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