About Upwelling

Upwelling Knowledge Consultants is a network of consultants specialized in web management, knowledge management, e-learning and editorial support for all kinds of communication and knowledge sharing.

Upwelling has long term contractual relationships with several UN agencies – UNICEF, UNITAR, UNEP, UNAIDS – as well as for Universities, NGOs and governmental agencies in France, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Senegal and Switzerland.

Upwelling offers an unique combination of a team of specialists in media and web communication and of a skilled development team based in Romania and India.

We are thus able to attend to meetings with UN professionals in New York, Geneva and Dakar, with one consultant always designated as the point of contact, available for on-site meetings and responsible for quality control.

We are simultaneously able to offer the services of a very skilled development team proficient with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and other industry standard CMS, with a highly competitive price structure.

Our role

It has proven crucial to the success of web communication projects to have an expert translating the needs of management into specifications for technical teams and vice versa: we have had to reverse engineer recently developed platforms so they can meet client requirements in terms of usability, accessibility, ease of maintenance, visual identity and reporting.

Furthermore, out of experience, client units / services / people may have fluctuating agendas and experience huge variation in their availability to maintain or develop their own communication material. Flexibility has been key to the success of many of our projects, and key to flexibility was our extensive network of experts able to intervene very quickly on urgent projects (see References). 

Our development team has got strong expertise on a wide range of IT related matters including database design and programming, server-side programming, CMS admin and super-admin, as well as in graphic arts using the whole Adobe Creative suite (including Flash-based applications and video publishing, InDesign for publications and visual identity development, Dreamweaver for microsites, etc.).

What we do on top of technology is more than project management : we bridge the gap between IT and Communications or Knowledge Management.

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